Larson Lab

At the Larson Lab, we investigate how personality, interest, and self-efficacy influence students' selections of college majors. According to social cognitive career theory, we investigate the roles of personality, self-efficacy, and interests on the selection of college majors. Currently, we are involved in the following projects:

Pre-Med Study: We investigate the important factors that predict college students' future goals as a premed student. In particular, we investigate how parental support, students' academic performance (high school GPA and college GPA), self-efficacy, and interest predict students' future goal as a premed study. We have collected data from ISU students for three consecutive years.

The Larson Lab currently includes two graduate and three undergraduate research assistants.

Verena comes from Germany, and currently, she is the lab coordinator.


Tsui-Feng Wu is a graduate student from Taiwan. She has worked with Dr. Larson since 2004, and

is the lab manager this semester. (Verena Bonitz will be the lab manager next semester).


Arnold Kong is a senior and comes from Malaysia. He has worked in the Larson lab for one

and a half years. He is interested in career issues and wants to apply to graduate school in

organizational psychology.


Samantha Tuhn is a senior. She is actively seeking opportunities to get involved in

research and is going to apply to social psychology graduate programs.


Laura Johnson is a junior. She plans on applying to graduate school in counseling

psychology. Her future goal is to become a counselor.